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Who Else Wants To Live In One of Hamdenís Most Sought After Neighborhood, In A Beautiful Custom Contemporary House, On A Quiet Cul-de-sac, With Awesome Neighbors, and Within a 1 Minute Drive To The Schools.


Whoever said great living had to be expensive, did not see this house. 


From the

Desk Of:

Greg Cesar


Hi There.

My name is Greg Cesar.  And I live on 193 Magee Dr.  Our house is for sale and if you act quickly you can be its new lucky owner.


I know you are saying to yourself, Iíve never seen a home owner use the internet to sell a house before.  Chances are you are probably right. 


You see, I am no ordinary home owner.  I am the president and owner of 1st Advantage Solutions.  We are an internet marketing company located right here in Hamden.  So I know a thing or two about marketing that many other home owners do not.


Letís get back to the house.


My wife Johanne, myself and our three boys Malcolm, Cameron, Lorenzo have lived in this house for 4 years now.  I remember the first time we walked in as if it were yesterday. It was an open house on Fatherís day 2003.


The minute I walked through the doors, I knew this was our house.  I had never seen a house like it before.  The style, charm and contemporary flare, were to die for.  We fell in love instantly. 


At the open house we told the agent to whip out the paperwork and letís sign right now.  The next day 6 other offers came in on the house.  But lucky for us, we were the first offer and won the house.  LUCKY US!!!  Now itís your turn.


I am sad to say we are selling our house.  Now I know you are thinking why on earth is he selling a house that he loves so much.  Good question.  The answer is simple.  Due to business, we bought a new home in Atlanta.


Since we already purchased the new home we are looking to sell quickÖThus weíve priced the house much lower then I wanted to so we can get a quick sale. The house is listed almost $30,000 below market value.  That means the minute you move in, you will have instant equity.


Now let me tell you about the house. 


Letís start with the Entrance.  We have a double door entrance that leads to a two story foyer.  On both sites of the door is glass from the floor to the ceiling.  Just picture how much sunlight those windows  let in during the day.


When you go up stairs, you are now in the sunken living room

Oh, by the way, the whole house except for the family room is hardwood floors.  Nice touch.


To the right of the living room is the dining room.  There are no walls between the dining room and the living room, so it is nice and open.  In the dining room is a floor to ceiling window and a huge glass sliding door to the deck.


Between these windows and the large living room windows, this space is nice and bright.  Itís as if someone brought the outdoors inside.  Youíd have to see for yourself.


If you donít like Cathedral ceilings then this house is not for you. But if you are like most people then the cathedral ceiling with the wood beam will melt your heart.


Ok, we all know that the kitchen is one of the best parts of a house.  Thatís why we completely redid the kitchen two years ago.  Brand new maple cabinets, All stainless steel appliances with side by side fridge, and brand new tile floor.


Off the kitchen is another huge sliding glass door to the deck.  Yeap, you read it right.  We have two sliders to the deck.  You see the deck is a wrap around deck that leads from the dining room to the kitchen.  Only thing missing is your patio furniture and the hamburgers to get the grille going.


The Bedrooms

We have 3 Bedrooms in the house.

My oldest son has his own bedroom.  My two younger sons share a room.  Their room is so large we could fit 2 more beds in there if we wanted too.


Next to their bedrooms is a full hallway bath. Click here now to request a showing 


The master bedroomÖAll I can say is wow!!!  Itís a large room with his and her closets.  But thatís not the best part.  When you  first walk into the room, you canít help but notice the large floor to ceiling window that is beaming with radiant sunlight.  Itís like living on vacation 24hrs a day. 


If that were not enough, the master bathroom has itís own bathroom with standup shower.  But we spared no expense here either.  I put one of those nice sexy clear glass doors on the shower.  Hey clean your mind up.  Thatís not why we put it there.  It just looks nice.


Ok, lets go downstairs to the family room.  The family room is large and bright.  Again we have a large sliding glass door to the deck.  I know you are saying I thought the deck was upstairs.  Good observation.  You see we have two decks.  One upstairs and one downstairs.


Next to the sliders downstairs we have two floor to ceiling windows. Can you imagine how bright it is down there.  Youíll just love it.  I donít know who built this house but they put plenty of floor to ceiling windows.  They sure loved that bright outdoor feeling.  Well, so do we.


On the deck downstairs we have a Jacuzzi.  Now I must tell you that the Jacuzzi is not included in the price of the house, but if you like to spend quiet moonlight nights under the stars with your sweetie inside a warm Jacuzzi, then we can talk about selling it to you.  I really donít want to move the Jacuzzi to Atlanta, but will if I have too.


Letís go back inside for a minute.  Click here now to request a showing


In the family room is a third bathroom for those times, when you are too lazy to go upstairs.  Or maybe itís just for guests who sleep over.


Donít let me forget to tell you about the Fireplace.  What house is complete without a fire place.  Just picture those warm cozy nights snuggled up next to the fire place with some hot chocolate.  Itís like being a kid all over again


Next to the family room is a bonus room.  We used the bonus room for two purposes.  First there are plenty of shelves and space for storage.  This is where we kept our non important things.  To the left of the bonus room was my office.  I ran my entire business from that space.  If you are interested, I may leave my desk.  Letís talk about it.


Off the Family room is the two car garage.  I donít know about you, but nothing beats getting into your warm car in the dead of winter.  That was great.


Outside the garage is the basket ball hoop.  I just had it installed last year.  So if your kids like to shoot baskets, they have a perfect place to practice.


Our lawn is in great shape.  Rocky did all the cutting for us.  As a matter of fact, Iíll get you his phone number so he can do the cutting for you too.


The yard is a great size.  Plenty of room for the kids to run around and have fun.  A nice yard was important for me.  I did not want the kids to play in the streets.


There you have it.  Thatís our house.


Now the question is how much is the house. I know you are thinking this house must be out of my reach.  The truth is itís not out of your reach at all.  Remember I told you, I priced it for a quick sale.  The house is on the market for $359,900. 


Thatís right. Only $359,900


If you interested in a nice house that you will love for years to come then, you must act fast.  A house like this will not last long at this price.


Let me give you 3 irresistible reasons why you want to see this house Now


  1. We will give you our Stainless Steel Ducane Grille ($1000 value).  Do research and see how much Ducane Grilles go for.  This is my baby, but if it will help sell the house, I will give it to you

  2. Get up to $800 toward moving expenses.  Imagine having someone else do your moving.  Just pack your stuff and relax.   We'll pay up to $800 toward your moving.


 There are other houses on the market, but none as nice as this one...and none that will give you these incredible bonuses. 


You can look at our photo page to see videos of the house and more pictures.


Right now you have a 2 options.


  1. Take your time and hope no one gets the house before you do
  2. Act now and request a showing.


Click here now to request a showing


193 Magee Dr
Hamden, CT 06514